On Learning : Sub-Topic 1.2g

Song of Form Play Commentary 7.1 to 7.4

Song of Form Play

7.1 Form solo trains intention

7.2 And body connection.

7.3 Push hands trains reaction;

7.4 Weapons, mind extension.

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SFP 7.1 and SFP 7.2 - these two lines state the importance of training the solo form.

SFP 7.3 - this line mentions an important aspect of push hands which is to train our ability to react to pressure and techniques. This is an extension of solo form training.

SFP 7.4 - weapons can bring out another side of the use of intent and body movements.

For example, in Grandmaster Wei Shuren's 22-form the technique of Fair Lady Works Shuttles contains the movements of the long spear.

However, the movements of the long spear here is used to assist the training of intent and power, rather than just the techniques of the spear alone.

The video below shows Grandmaster Wei Shuren demonstrating the power derived from mentally training the long spear to split the Five Peaks.

Side note - the Five Peaks refer to the five famous mountains in China namely :-

1) Mount Tai in Shandong (泰山 - Eastern Yue)

2) Mount Huashan in Shaanxi (华山 - Western Yue)

3) Mount Hengshan in Hunan (衡山 - Southern Yue)

4) Mount Songshan in Henan (嵩山 - Center Yue)

5) Mount Heng in Shanxi (恒山 - North Yue)

The technique of Fair Lady Works Shuttles is not covered in the 8-step Health Form. However, pretty much everything else that is important to develop the fundamentals are included in our online training.