On Learning : Sub-Topic 1.2e

Song of Form Play Commentary 5.1 to 5.4

Song of Form Play 5.1 to 5.4

5.1 Mind maps the path,

5.2 The body follows.

5.3 Mind-body coordination

5.4 Like threading pearls.

Continuing from the previous post On Learning : Sub-Topic 1.2d.

SFP 5.1 - this line underlines the importance of using the mind to mentally define how we should move to comply with the requirements of the principles of the Tai Chi Classics.

SFP 5.2 - the second line states that it is the intent that define and dictate how the body should move. In this manner, every movement is not a superfluous movement.

SFP 5.3 to SPF 5.4 - in line 3 and line 4 the correct way to move is explained with the use of an analogy.

By using the intent we can coordinate the movement of the body more intricately. This is all the more important when we move to the stage of refining our movements to conform to the requirements of the 9-Crooked Pearls.

This is because some of the coordination work in the 9-Crooked Pearls can only be achieved by using the intent. Below is the diagram of the 9-Crooked Pearls as defined by Grandmaster Wei Shuren :-