Health Form Essentials 4

The fourth requirement - 3-passes

The fourth requirement to look into is that of the 3-passes.

The 3-passes is a mental visualization tool to guide the body to move about. There are 4 ways to use the 3-passes.

For practicing the 8-step Health Form we can simplify things by focusing on just moving forward and backwards. The two method of 3-passes that we will use are :-

a) Erect 3-passes (竖立三关)

The Erect 3-passes is used in the techniques of Wild Horse Parts Mane, Play the Pipa, Grasp Sparrow’s Tail, etc.

b) Retreat 3-passes (后撤三关)

Retreat 3-passes is used in the techniques of Play the Pipa, Repulse Monkey, Push, etc.

A more detailed explanation with video is available in the post here.